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The Signature Frog Vase Display

The Signature Frog Vase Display

Come and learn how to do a whole lot more than the average ‘plonk’ of your supermarket flowers into the same old vase.

This workshop is for the flower lover, who appreciates the joy of having flowers at home, but is lacking in the necessary techniques to truly make their flowers sing!  Suzie will guide you in some of the key factors of design that will help you to create your own stunning displays at home.

Running through flower selection and tips for longevity, Suzie will demo her own vase and then will guide you through making your own to take home with you.

Prosecco will be provided to aid your design!
This workshop can be booked as a private group for a hen-do or other jazzy occasion, but we will be also running this workshop for individuals, a great chance to come together and learn collectively.

£125 per person.


We deliver on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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