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Monstera Deliciosa in Concrete Pot

Monstera Deliciosa in Concrete Pot

Known commonly as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ because of the fenestrations (holes) in it’s large, glossy leaves, the Monstera Deliciosa is a must have for any plant-lover. Monsteras enjoy a good soak when watering and then to completely dry out before watering again. Give it a regular misting to raise the humidity and watch this plant thrive! Don’t be alarmed by it’s aerial roots, these help the plant to support itself and grow up trees in its natural habitat.


At FROG we have planted this beauty into a simple and sturdy concrete pot.


Size of the pot only D16cm x H17cm. Total height of the plant in the pot is approx. 60cm.


The actual size and shape of the plant may vary slightly.



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