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Ficus Lyrata in Sustainable Pot

Ficus Lyrata in Sustainable Pot

The bambino Ficus Lyrata or ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ is an exciting addition to any plant collection with it’s large luscious leaves and ability to grow into a show-stopping mature plant. Frequent misting will keep this one happy and healthy, just allow the soil to completely dry out in between waterings and be careful not to let it sit in any stagnant water.


At FROG we have planted this little beauty into a sustainable plant pot, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and papier mâchéd newspapers to create a water tight and unique product. These pots are all produced by fairly paid and skilled local artists in the Philippines.


Size of the pot only D15cm x H15cm. Total height of the plant in the pot is approx. 45cm.


The actual size and shape of the plant may vary slightly.


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