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Editorial inspired floral head crown

Editorial inspired floral head crown

Have you ever scrolled through the pages of a glossy magazine and wondered ‘how the hell have they done that?’… well we are here to give you the inside scoop!

Having designed flowers for many editorial photoshoots over the years, we have picked up many tricks and techniques to create that truly dramatic visual moment. For this workshop we believe no headpiece is too big, no styling choice too bold!

A chance to let your creativity run wild, to explore the depths of your imagination! We will look at specific techniques, such as flower selection, wiring and preservation that will help to make the headpiece into a great photographic moment!
We will use a combination of fresh and dried flowers, to play with texture, and colour.

Prosecco will be provided to aid your design! This workshop can be booked as a private group for a hen-do or other jazzy occasion. We will also be running this workshop for individuals, a great chance to come together and learn collectively.

£350.00 per person.


Editorial inspired floral head crown - Saturday 7th November 2020 1pm-4pm
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